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May 2016 – Alliance Automation now has a complete lab waterjet cell to test cut new materials!

Alliance Automation built a robotic waterjet system for test cutting and is now capable of testing all types of materials in house.

With an increase demand in trying to cut different types of materials with waterjet, Alliance decided to build a system specific for trying new materials.  The system is now fully functional and ready to cut all types of materials.

“Fiberglass and carbon fiber has been something that was a gray area.  With varying thicknesses and density, it was always difficult to gauge how effective waterjet was on these materials.” Says Steven Cranston. “Now, customers can send us their parts and we can test it quickly”.

For more information about test cutting your material, contact us at (810) 953-9539.


Robotic Waterjet Test Ce;;

December 2015 – Alliance Automation Builds Innovative Robotic Abrasive Waterjet Enclosure!

Alliance Automation successfully builds a specialized sound dampening enclosure to house two abrasive waterjet cutting robots.

It is no secret how loud abrasive waterjet cutting can be, sometimes exceeding a sound level of 110db.  Alliance Automation was presented a challenge to build a cell that can reduce this level to below 83db while using two robots to cut small metal parts with abrasive waterjet.  After careful design and planning, this system was successful at meeting the requirements.  This system can cut parts quickly, while the operator can stand just feet away to load/unload parts safely, protected by a special enclosure and turntable.

Robotic Abrasive Waterjet System - Enclosure (operator view)


May 2015 – Alliance Automation has joined the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce!

In the midst of moving headquarters to Flint Township, Alliance Automation has become a Professional Partner of the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce to not only get involved in the local community but to network with other local companies to grow the Flint economy.

Alliance Automation will participate in local community events and attend important Chamber meetings.  Alliance will also work with local colleges to recruit skilled graduates from the area.  “We are very excited for all of the support and opportunities that the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce has given us and will give us in the future.” Hillary Herbruck, Alliance Automation Office Manager.


April 2015 – Alliance Automation is now an ABB Authorized Value Provider!

Alliance Automation has become an ABB Authorized Value Provider!  “We have integrated a number of ABB robots into our Robotic Waterjet Systems in the past and this allows us to be even more competitive with our pricing and options.”  Says Operations Manager, Jamil Hamadeh.

As Alliance Automation is continuously making efforts of improvement to benefit customers, Alliance now has access to ABB Technical Partners and competitive pricing – Benefits which will be passed directly on to the customer.  Keep an eye out for an official announcement from ABB and Alliance.

For more information about our Robotic Waterjet Systems, Click Here.


April 2015 – Alliance Automation’s new location!

Earlier this week it became official that Alliance Automation will have a new location in Flint Township.

The new facility will be under construction for the next few months but will ultimately become the new Alliance Automation headquarters.  Details and information about the new facility will be available in an official press release soon.

“The Flint area has a lot of potential for opportunity and growth for us.  It is in the heart of Automation Alley and we are proud to be part of the positive economic growth in this area.” Says Admin Manager, Steven Cranston.

The new address is 4072 Market Pl. Flint, MI 48507 which is located directly across from the Bishop International Airport.


4072 Market Place - New Location2

November 2014 – Alliance Automation was featured in the 2014 annual publication of the Motorized Machine Vehicle Manufacturing Yearbook! 

After being featured in the Manufacturing Engineering magazine earlier this year, Alliance Automation’s wall mounted robotic waterjet trimming system was featured in an article in the annual publication of the 2014 Motorized Vehicle Manufacturing Yearbook.  The publication is a supplement to Manufacturing Engineering and part of the SME, Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  The article describes the benefits of the waterjet system as well as the Yaskawa Motoman robots and the Jet Edge intensifier pump.

Click here to check out the article or by clicking on the cover page at the right. 

Motorized Vehicles Manufacutring 2014 Cover Page2
Logo Yaskawa MotomanMay 2014 – Alliance Automation is now a Motoman Strategic Partner

After awarding Alliance Automation the Motoman Integrator of the Week in March 2014, Yaskawa Motoman and Alliance Automation have become strategic partners.  This move between Motoman and Alliance Automation allows Alliance Automation to be more competitive in the robotic waterjet market while utilizing a strong partner, passing the benefits on to Alliance customers.

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